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That's War CoverThat’s War Hardback and Paperback on SALE TODAY! That's War is an authentic diary of the events that occurred to Lt. William Arthur Sirmon starting January 1, 1918 extending to November 12, 1918. In this account of a regular soldier in the 82nd Division, 325th Infantry, he carries you through a heartfelt, attention grabbing journey ten chapters long. Click here to get your copy today.

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The Book Review Corner

That's War is not only an accurate account of combat at the height of America's involvement in WWI, but also of combat in general.

It also documents the pure thoughts of a warrior dealing with exhilarating engagements, gut-wrenching fear, and accepting personal valor.

Maj. Gerald W. Johnson, USA (Ret) Infantry company commander for twelve consecutive months in combat.

Interview with a Specialist

This video is an interview with Specialist Evan Slaughter. He is the recent recipient of the Purple Heart and a Combat Infantry Badge.

In this interview Mr. Slaughter explains a little bit about the life in Afghanistan of an American soldier in the Army. He tells his story of the accolades that led to his field promotion and awards he received. He talks about the many similarities and differences of life in war now in relation to the events he read about in "That's War," of WWI.

God bless our many troops who lay down their lives to serve for our freedoms!

Click Here to View the Interview.

What's New with That's War
Article from Nov. Issue of 280 Living

Article from 280 Living .... to read the entire article click here.

An Interview with Andrew Manion

Last weekProvoke History That's War Interview I interviewed with an historian from the United Kingdom. He was very enthusiastic about my book and website and was more than willing to proceed with the interview. That's War, not only is relative to American history but world history as well. After all, WWI was a world wide conflict that shaped our modern day societies. Andrew Manion is an historian who has created a blog to help writers and fellow historians "Get The Word Out". Here is the interview we conducted...

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