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Brannon Hubert William Sirmon was born on September 2, 1986 in the relatively small town of Indian Springs, Alabama. His mother, Cindy Brannon Sirmon, was guardian ad litem for Shelby County for as long as he could remember and instilled in him from a young age to fear and love God, and thy neighbor. His father, Richard Spencer Sirmon, had a long successful career with Bellsouth. When he retired, he sold vacations, which enabled him to work from home and be his own boss. Brannon’s father instilled in his son the passion to write poetry, which blossomed into his passion to tell stories. The Sirmons were considered middle class and worked hard for everything they had.
The youngest of four children, Brannon grew up always wanting attention, but never having to battle his older brothers and sister for it. Starting at a young age, however, he was definitely up to the task – encountering many near death experiences and developing an attitude that things were going to be his way or everyone else was going to suffer. By age seven, he had almost fallen out of a moving car into oncoming traffic, was saved from drowning at a neighbor’s pool, and at the young age of two, was rushed to a hospital after drinking sink cleaner while visiting the mountains of North Carolina. One story his family loves to tell happened when he was about three or four years old. His great grandmother had taken away one of his toys and when he reared back his hand to hit his great grandmother his mother grabbed him and said, “You better not punch Little Momma!” So he waited an instant then kicked her. With a smirk on his face and an expedient escape he yelled back over his shoulder, “You said I couldn’t hit her, you didn’t say anything about kicking!”
Brannon started playing sports when he was seven years old. That’s where he learned teamwork and discipline and developed strong social skills. He loved playing basketball and roller hockey, but undoubtedly, his favorite was soccer. He also became very involved with his church youth group at Riverchase Church of Christ. The man he has become today is clearly due to the efforts of the leaders who guided him. He credits his social and somewhat rebellious personality to his brothers and his strong faith and perseverance to his sister.

Something else Brannon became quite fond of at a young age was money. He took the advice of save every penny you can quite seriously. For instance, when he was five, his grandfather gave him a dollar to put into the collection plate that was sent around during communion at church. When the plate came around to him, he kept fidgeting around in his pockets for about thirty seconds until his grandfather finally said, “Put your money in the plate, Brannon.” He then pulled a quarter from his pocket and placed it in. Everyone turned to see what the holdup was as he whispered loudly, “Phew! I thought I was going to have to put my dollar in!”

Upon graduating from Oak Mountain High School in 2005, Brannon decided to attend the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa. He was very involved in the social activities at school. He joined a fraternity, attended social functions on campus, went to football and basketball games and volunteered his time when possible. Like many of his peers, he studied business. Yet, three years into the program, he longed for more. It wasn’t until his fourth year when he and a friend thought of taking up the hobby of writing movie screenplays. The idea of storytelling had sunk in. To fuel his newfound hobby, he worked in a warehouse for Alabama football memorabilia during the day and wrote poetry and short stories as often as he could at night. But the fruits of his labor of love were slow in coming.

At Christmas of 2009, Brannon went home to visit his family. Looking around the house, he stumbled upon his great-grandfather’s authentic diary of WWI. Upon reading it, he knew that this powerful recollection of a true hero, this American doughboy, would become an opportunity to inform the world of his great-grandfather and the brave heroes that fought alongside him.

After two years of searching for a publishing company and an agent to accept this manuscript, he has decided to self-publish. Brannon has since had an audience of people in the entertainment industry – stirring up interest in Los Angeles and New York. His long-term goal is to turn this work of literature into a movie or mini-series. While there is much more to be done, Brannon is very appreciative of his friends and family who have supported him on this ongoing journey.

Brannon currently resides in Birmingham, Alabama where he continues to work days and write at night. He plans to re-enroll at the University of Alabama where he plans to earn a degree in English and a minor in business.


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