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That’s War is a diary of the authentic experiences of Lt. William Arthur Sirmon from January 1, 1918 to November 12, 1918. In this WWI account of a regular soldier in the 82nd Division, 325th Infantry, you are led through ten chapters of a heartfelt, attention-grabbing journey. It starts out at Ft. Gordon, Georgia, where Sirmon was in charge of training soldiers. His story takes you across the beautiful, yet run down, terrain of France. William Arthur Sirmon spent more than four years prior to 1917 as an officer of the Philippine Constabulary, serving primarily in Mindanao, the “Island of Blood”. He was the most highly decorated soldier from Georgia, and it is believed, of the entire Great War. In February of 1919, only he and Sergeant Alvin York were awarded The Legion of Honor of France, Distinguished Service Cross and the Croix de Guerre with Palm by General Pershing. These accolades made him an honorary citizen of England and France. This diary is not completely blood and guts, but surprisingly light for the most part. It describes the day-to-day life of typical American doughboys and the obstacles they faced through the entire war. That’s War is a great read filled with excitement and humor, with education and entertainment throughout..


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