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Sunday, 19 June 2011 14:28

Our Fathers

Each generation fathers pass down their stories, sense of humor, possessions, and most importantly their love. We grow into the individuals that we become due to our fathers that raise and groom us for the tribulations of the world. Many people live by a wide variety of philosophies. I believe that, "family is the most important thing," is one of the most practiced of these philosophies. That being said, I hope that we all take this day to appreciate our fathers’. Father's Day is a day to remember and give thanks to the men who bring us into this world. It is a time where we may bond with our fathers, whether it is through a casual lunch, an extended phone call, or even a prayer. I would personally like to tell my father, Thank You, and Happy Father’s Day!! Also I hope all the fathers out there have a Happy Fathers Day!!


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