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Monday, 04 July 2011 08:04

Independence Day / 4th of July

Independence Day, I am not referring to the movie with Will Smith punching an alien in the face with a quip of “Welcome to Earth”, is more commonly known as the 4th of July. Americans memorialize this day with barbeque, picnics, festivals, and baseball games. People gather with their friends and family to take trips to lakes, beaches, or mountain houses where they celebrate by firing fireworks and enjoying the pleasant company. We fly the American flag high because we are the nation that people escape to for freedom and security. But why do we do this?

This is the day that our government, our just democracy was born. We rejoice this day to honor our courageous, pioneering ancestors who signed the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776 to give us our freedom from the tyrannical rule of the Kingdom of Great Britain. We do this to remember the people who fought for our freedom and the millions that still fight. We enrapture ourselves with the pride of being Americans and the pure captivating feeling of showing our patriotism. It is my hope that this feeling never dies, that America remains the place that others can rely on for security, and that WE THE PEOPLE will do our part to remain the greatest nation that our ancestors fought for!

Below is an Excerpt from the book “That’s War” by Capt. William Arthur Sirmon. It is a passage in his journal during the days of battle of WWI that shows his feeling of the American holiday.

July 4th. Minorville. Today the world celebrates the greatest national holiday in history. Every American citizen should return thanks to Heaven for the privilege of his citizenship. Every Allied nation and almost all of South America joins us in celebrating this day of our independence. The principles upon which the policy of our government and the character of our people are founded will be extolled by every leading nation of the Allied and neutral world. To guarantee the future privilege of the freedom and liberty that our government assures to pledge themselves to the successful prosecution of the war. As indicative of the tremendous part we are playing, 120 ships will slide into the water from American shipyards, and the President announced that we have today more than a million men in France. To us who are holding the Hun on the Western Front, our thoughts go out to America, and to our homes today.

Personal Note-
In the past the Fourth of July, to me, meant that it was time for some extremely delicious food and a vacation was on the horizon. I knew that it was America’s birthday and that we were suppose to honor the soldiers who fight for us. I never really took the time to actually honor the day. This year I look at it in a completely different light. With the economy in decline, our national struggles growing, and my best friend of twenty years in the heart of the battle in Afghanistan, I believe we should all do our part to honor and nurture America. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!

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